Partners, LLC

Who We Are

Dalis Partners, LLC is a new and unique consulting, and business assistance firm, specializing in the Electrical Transmission and Distribution space. What is most likely the first company of our type in this industry, Dalis Partners brings to together the former engineers and brain trust of Manny Dalis’ legacy company, PACS Industries, Inc.

During our time at PACS, we were known as technological innovators; the company you came to when the job was difficult or the major manufacturers couldn’t build it. Maybe, you were a major manufacturer in need of a specialized build to round out an electrical package you were bidding; then you came to us.

That engineering support, product research and design, and intimate knowledge of the Electrical Transmission and Distribution industry are still available for you at Dalis Partners, LLC.

We aren’t only about the technical aspect of the business model. Our total business solutions offer our clients expert advice and support in Human Resources, Corporate Turnaround, Business Development, Marketing, and constructing a quality sales organizations.

In these days of increased operating, health insurance and tax costs, it makes sense to outsource the parts of your business operations that aren’t your core competency. Build your product; let Dalis Partners help with the rest.