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Technical Assistance

In over four decades of innovation, we were responsible for many industry firsts that set the tone for the medium voltage business as it is structured today. Following our lead, the independent OEMs flourished from just a few in the 1980s to over 30 today, many of whom were conducting various business functions with us and saw the potential of success. 

Part of our success was to always be involved with industry leading Consulting Engineers and major manufacturers thereby helping us identify, design, and build niche products that met their needs. Often a niche product morphed into an industry standard. An excellent example is of this “Niche to Standard” evolution is 38kV metalclad switchgear. In the early 1980s only three OEMs, including our team, had the ability and foresight to have developed this product using a European SF6 breaker (not GIS) in AIS switchgear. In those days, the breaker module was so tall that the resulting draw out breaker measured almost six feet. To better this design, we worked closely with the Europeans to develop a low profile breaker with dimensions only slightly larger than the 15kV vacuum breakers of the time. Today this is the standard and has been adopted by all the major manufacturers that offer switchgear at this voltage class.

It is exciting to review some of the many products that we brought to market before our competitors.

  • Arc Resistant Switchgear: in 1996 we were awarded a large project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia known as Riyadh Power Plant 7 (PP7). In a preliminary engineering meeting we were informed of Saudi Electric Company’s new requirement or Arc Resistant Switchgear. Arc Res was unheard of in the U.S. in those days, although prevalent in Europe. In our typical fashion, we researched the requirements, finalized our designs, manufactured the prototype, and successfully tested the product in less than six weeks. In 2003, aware of our success in this new market, GE Industrial system came to us to design and build under their brand ANSI tested Arc resistant Switchgear. Once the product was finalized and successfully tested, we brought it to market through GE Strategic Electrical Packaging & Sourcing (SEPS). We also sold it under our own brand making us the first to offer a full line of Arc Resistant switchgear at all breaker ratings and with any manufacturer’s vacuum breaker offered in the industry. 

Our team brought many other products to market first, some still have no equal:

  • Generator Switchgear rated at 15kV 6000a continuous, 63kA. Brought to market in 1996 in conjunction with GE Power Systems. 
  • Catenary Switchgear and Breakers, single and double phase in an Arc Resistant configuration. Designed and manufactured at the request of one of the major railroads in the Northeast.
  • 38kV 200kVBil Indoor metalclad switchgear. Developed for the Arc Furnace steel industry. Further developed and specified by one of the major pharmaceutical companies located in Pennsylvania.
  • High operation (75,000) switchgear and breakers used in for arc and ladle furnaces in the steel fabrication industry.
  • “Water to Wire” electrical systems developed for the mini-hydroelectric power systems in the 1980s.
  • Pre-fabricated electrical houses (now known as E-Houses or PCCs) for total generator turbine controls. Developed in the early 1980s.
  • ..and more..

We are a new company with over 100 years combined experience in the Electrical Transmission and Distribution market. Why not take advantage of our unequaled capability and industry expertise. Let us assist you in product and / or market development. 

Business Services

Here is an opportunity to leverage 40 years of successful experience in business and market development experience from the best team in this or any industry:

  • Plant Efficiencies and The Lean Manufacturer: Based on the principles of maximizing value to the client, while reducing wasteful expenses, Dalis Partners’ experts in Lean Operations are available to perform plant audits and make efficiency recommendations for execution by the existing staff. We are also available to perform a Lean audit, and become the temporary management in charge and reach the goals we set together. We will consider inventory, flow, and automation, and give our client the “tools” that assist in the steady elimination of waste.

  • Executive Services and Directors: Our founder, Bruce Dalis has over 35 years of industry experience, ten of which are at the executive level and serving as a Director. Mr. Dalis is available as an independent member of the Board of Directors, or he can take a roll as an industry advisor. In situations where a company is in transition and in need of an interim executive, Mr. Dalis’ offers you his many years of operational, turn around, business development and sales experience. He can take control and set policies in motions relieving ownership of those pressures as they plan the company’s future moves. 

  • Business and Market Development: In real estate it’s location, location, location. In business development it’s contacts, contacts, contacts. You can leverage over 40 years of supporting the T&D industry and creating strategic relationships that continue today. We know your business and are in a unique position to accelerate your growth organically.

  • Potential Acquisition Audits: Often the fastest way to grow and increase EBITDA and the bottom line is through acquisition. Dalis Partner can assist you in reviewing facilities, methods and markets of target companies.

Human Resources

We are very excited to announce the Business Services Division of Dalis Partners; bringing expert advice coupled with access the highest quality fulfillment companies to businesses and industry.

Today’s business climate is uncertain and it is the responsibility of the business manager to have the latest information at the ready for Human Resource issues as they present themselves, and they always do.

Often, in a small to medium size business, the Human Resource presence is nonexistent or only occurs in its most rudimentary form. That can be detrimental to a company and their employees as new government regulations waffle into effect.

Firms with larger foot prints are downsizing to reduce overheads to meet the more competitive climate; and that often reduces the Human Resource staff requiring outsourcing of certain non-full time tasks.

Dalis Partners can help fill these voids with experts at the ready in:

• Human Resource Consultation

• Company Procedures

• Writing Company Manuals

• Crafting job specifications

• Personnel Hiring and staffing

• Harassment matters and EEOC

• Health Insurance and the effects of Obamacare

• Find the best health insurance to meet management goals